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Talk with Someone Face to Face

Sometimes life can feel really full on and you may not be sure what to do next, or maybe something has been bothering you for a really long time.

Youthline offers one to one support for young people in the Auckland region to talk through stuff with a trained person who understands and can help you deal with whatever is going on.

Everyone has difficult experiences or feelings at some point in their lives, and it isn't always easy or useful to try to deal with them alone. Seeing someone face to face who can work with you in a confidential and safe environment can help you to better understand yourself, discover your strengths, make decisions, deal with difficult life events both present and past, cope with difficult feelings, improve your relationships and improve self-esteem.

Anyone can come to receive face to face counselling and psychotherapy at Youthline Otago whether you are young person or adult.

Counselling and psychotherapy support for adults is based on a koha or sliding scale depending on your income. Subsidies may be available for those in financial hardship and for young people.

How does it work?
What you say is confidential which means it won’t leave Youthline. The only time that would change is if we were concerned about your or someone else’s safety but we would always try to talk with you first.

You don’t need to wait for things to get really full on – if it’s stressing you out it’s worth talking about. 

To find out more email us on or call on (03) 477 2461